from TUVA mongolia HUUN HUUR TU

i went last night to see Tinaiwen but it was these guys from Tuva Mongolia HUUN HUUR TU that stole the show. I realized a lot of things during this set about our oneness and the origin of music… everything must have orginated from a single point. In one of the songs you could hear the thunder the birds the plants the animals people singing & the wind. You coud see the mountains and the steppe :: you could SEE where they come from.
here’s a sample:::::

I had never heard music so influenced by an artists surroundings and environment.


One thought on “from TUVA mongolia HUUN HUUR TU

  1. Carmen says:

    Guess what? A Mongolian artist came to the German show “Das Supertalent” last year. As I heard the singing of these two men, I knew that they definitely not belonged to this kind of stage, but I was so thankful that they actually came to share their art. This is so striking and unusual.


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