I’ve never been to a SIMB in Senegal (YET) but I’ve heard stories of the excitement and fear it puts into the kids and some adults, and I’ve seen a few film clips. What you do not want is to be is a young boy caught without is a little xalis, money, if the SIMB or Gainde aka LION catches you. You’ll get rolled around in the dirt.

Just found this one this morning. It is great …

It shows many aspects of the ritual.

The SIMB is a man dressed as a lion, the national symbol of Senegal,  and this man or men, take on the spirits of a lions as was done by the man in the legend who fought a lion and won. The spectacle ritual pays homage to culture and keeps the story alive for generation after generation. During the ritual  SIMBKAT dance to Sabar drums played by ngeuwel or griots. Usually the Rhythms and Bakks are the same played at the Lamb/Lutte aka Senegalese wrestling, such as Fass and Tuus.

The following excerpts from a documentary are the best clips of the event that I have ever seen 


The read more about the legend and birth of this ritual visit


2 thoughts on “SIMB of SENEGAL

    1. missxooley says:

      This one is cool. I like how they feature the female lions which are also present at the SIMBS and represent the lion wives. In the video they are the guys on mics and have their faces painted with the blue tattoos in upper lip and chin. Thanks Laura for contributing!


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