SIMB STORIES ~ what’s yours ?

The spectacle of the SIMB is fascinating to me as are stories from childhood and travels. I asked around for some SIMB stories:: this one is by an anonymous local ::: and it’s so great!!

“It was a Saturday afternoon, definitely not like any other Saturday afternoon … something was special … something like a special enclosure that will later be the scene of dance, laughter, cries (yes sometimes) but most definitely I was there for the !WAOW !! So right after lunch we were up for the scam of the week …. get money off my grandmother; she raised us all. After scamming grandma cuz she was always like “don’t’ go to the SIMB! I dont feel like arguing with no one today .. so stay at home don’t go to the simb if you get caught they will humiliate you … and if they do so I will raise Hell on them!”

(true words of my beloved grandma)….. so stubborn we were she gave us each money so we can pay the ticket and go watch calmly … BUT oh no we wanna run we wanna laugh at each other when we getting chased … we wanted to remember all the funny things that might happen that day so we can remember it forever. (I still remember it). My cousin use to say whoever buys a ticket is a si si … so for that we had to play brAVE ANd run … needless to tell you how many times I got caught but never beaten or humiliated and the middle of the circle. There was always family people ready to bail me out to the SIMBKAT ..
” Wa “annonymus” nio mel nonou danio beurri maana “ they would say
yeah sometimes there is a little violence but it’s too minor to be noticed.. it’s a violent game ..and sometimes it gets outta hand … but most of the time it’s all fun and games coz it’s tradition … Senegal used to be lion country so our culture and tradition include lion tales and legends .. So for a big kid like me Simb WAS my super bowl and I can speak for a bunch of people I grew up with.”


to see the original blog about SIMB go here::


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