#Peace in SENEGAL# Music as a call for change #Senegal jammrek

On the eve of the 2012 Senegalese Election I’m posting some of the music that has come out of the struggle. Some of it calls for peace, some for revolution & change and others choose to make poetic statements. The current president of Senegal, Abdoulaye Wade, is seeking a third term viewed by many to be unconstitutional. A democracy since it’s Independence in 1960, Senegal has been until recently a peaceful & tolerant sufi-Islamic land. Some reactions to protests as the election approaches have turned violent and tense. As I sit here I hope and pray for the best. My prayers are with Senegal for peace and happiness and prosperity. Here’s the music.

The video ‘Gourgi’ by Niagass can be seen as a Metaphor dedicated to President Wade, to let him know he’s too old to run Senegal 1 more time. It also shows corruption and pay offs at his ‘gate’.

This video by Rap group Keur gui filmed in 2010 speaks about problems in Senegal; of its peoples struggle under the governments massive spending spree, of which little reaches the people.

This video JOXMA SA LOXO put together by Ndigueul Mc & Ngueweul Rhythme calls for peace in a more traditional way.
‘Joxma sa loxo’ means give me your hand.

This beautiful Sabar track by the same group called Jam ak Jammano ‘peace and peacefulness’

I know that many things need to change for the young people in Senegal; to make it possible for them to take it UP to it’s most amazing potential. The young people are full of love and talent and brains and they want to go there to the highest limits. I hope this is coming soon. Yalna Yalla japiele’

Here’s the pray for this, in this beautiful song, #Peace in SENEGAL#, a collaboration from the peace rap faction, featuring many great artists including Flexy Jilly. Peace love and happiness in Senegal ~ turn it up loud~

xewel lou bari bou yagg

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