Mdungu and the Gambian Space Program

Yawzaaaaaaa I think I have a new favorite band.
Thanks to a tweet from NatGeoMusic I’m listening to Mdungu’s second (2011) release ‘Gambian Space Program’.
According to NatGeo ‘Between 1987 and 2005, Gambia had an emergency landing strip available to NASA’.
How did I not know this? How have I never heard of these guys?

From Amsterdam, the group of nine musicians, come from all over and have played all over at tons of Jazz Festivals. Ebou Gate Mada brings the voice from Gambia. There sound reminds me of the old school 60’s stuff from Super Etoile, Orchestra Baobab,… who else?
In their recent album Mdungu pays homage to Gambia’s brief ties with space! Find out what they mean at their website
I love this track. click here mdungu & Enjoy!


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