…and I heard them singing and dancing my history back into me ~ how a culture doesn’t forget

The bloom of young ngeweul music and dance coming out of Senegal right now is so amazing to me. I’m feeling something come full circle within my own experience with Senegalese culture. Before my very eyes I am watching this new generation of young ngeweuls come of age and take the role of their fore fathers and mothers; to sing and play the history of their culture back into their people. So that they never stray too far, never forget their past; their thiossane, themselves. This is how things are not lost. This is how a baton is passed. This is the role of the *ngeweul.

click here !!! Maguette Gueye


*Ngeweul or griot are the keepers of history through drum and voice passed on from generation to generation. They are born into it.


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