Santa Monica CA coffee bean harvest

My friends coffee tree in Santa Monica is producing beans this year. I have never harvested coffee before but, my good friends were going to be out of town when the beans were going to be ripe, so they asked me to take care of them. Sounded great to me. Today some were ready to pick.  Miguel (our coffee tree expert) had explained the process and this morning I watched a short video on the process. The video had some extra info that I will incorporate. The end goal is to roast it.

First I pick the fruits that have turned red.


Here is a ripe little coffee fruit.


I squish the fruits and out pop two very sticky ‘beans’ from each.


Miguel had told us we can eat the red fruit part; that it is very good for you. “but not too much!’ he said. I tried some and they were sweet.


The Video said to soak the beans and then rinse them and that little husks would come off (Miguel left this out). Sure enough a few little husks came off and some little tendrils too that may be what sprouts if you were to germinate them. 

Here they are soaking. Now the video said they shouldn’t float. Well these float but I’m moving forward anyway.



Washed and rinsed I lay them in the sun to dry on some paper. As you can see there are enough beans for one cup of coffee (wouldn’t they hate me if when they came home I said I drank it? hee).

It was late afternoon by the time I could set them out, so before dark I put them on dry paper inside near a window which will get good sun in the morning. I believe they need to dry in the sun for a few days. When I return tomorrow I’ll put them outside to bake in the direct sun.


They are crazy tacky little things. They stick to everything. You can even stand one on end and it won’t fall over. It’s hard to even get them off of the paper when they are fresh out of their pods!

Over the next couple of days they should start to turn more amber. We’ll see!



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