Both dreaming and wide awake

Brush in Hand 2 ~ the final painting

‘It’s hiatus season in Hollywood, I’m broke & the weather is gorgeous so my mind isn’t cloudy. I feel inspired to pick up the brushes. It’s what starving artists do right? Hide behind the images, create make believe worlds and make believe people, say something even if you know not what. Color, just play with color. Throw away crappy brushes & stay calm, let the reclaimed wood and the paint do the talking. Maybe she doesn’t want to be this woman in the end, this womEn I have in my head, but for now, she becomes her.’

I wrote that a few weeks ago because more times than not my paintings morph dramatically through the process. This one did not. She did want to become the woman.

Stage 3 Final pass: A series of fotos of the final painting and the early stages.

‘Her’ artist: ©Lynette Wich 2’X2′ Acrylic on reclaimed wood. For sale $300

She is every woman who is both dreaming and wide awake. Behind her closed eye she dreams herself into her own existence. Everything comes from within, she answers her own questions. Through her open eye she simply regards the world around her. In peace, she looks upon the world from her own soul, allowing only beauty and truth to enter the swirling and expanding universe within ‘Her’.



Stage 2 early stages, 2nd pass (first pass all black; my mood). Acrylic on reclaimed wood.

If you were awake, you would understand that you were the whole universe, pretending, projecting itself at a point called here and now, in the form of the human organism. And you would understand that very clearly, not just as an idea, but as an actual vivid sensation, just the same way you know you’re sitting in this room.~sun gazing

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