Yves Niang from Senegal~nguembu na

I love Yves Niang from Senegal.

His music is so nice and his videos are always eye candy. On a visit to Sandaga Market long ago, my first trip I think, I grabbed a few ‘clips’ DVDs. On one of them (where is that DVD?) is one of my all time favorite videos for SABAR DANCE. It’s a Yves Niang video and I’ve since been searching the internet for it with no luck. Alas I must find it on my ‘clips’ to enjoy and gather more info for my search. I just found this Yves Niang video today Nguembu na (file under Ritual & Spectacle)

and waawaaw it’s pure eye candy. The dancers dance in the traditional style of the LAMB or lutte/Senegalese wrestling, while Yves sings about the culture and tradition of the lamb gi.
The wrestler preparing for the lutte; prayers and protection.

Jambar tigui

Dancers from the clip

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