Old Skool ~ Goods times in Dakar

Today I’m into the old skool tunes from Senegal (West Africa). There are many notes of beauty running through the music from this region, one of which is collaboration. Artists have played and continue to play for more than one ensemble. Bands giving birth to bands and big stars. Musical cell division. It’s the love of music and making music that sets it apart. Here’s a little collection of the gems I’ve come across.

Star Band was formed in 1959 by Ibra Kasse to play at his Marimba club. Later they became Star Band de Dakar.
Many greats traveled through this band including members of Orchestra Baobab and Youssou NDour. Check out the details here: http://ricorodriguez.wikia.com/wiki/Star_Band_de_Dakar

This band Number One de Dakar was one that came out of the club in the early 60’s. Nice groove.

This track Ma Penda you might recognize as sung by Thione Seck recorded here sometime before by Orchestra Baobab.
Orchestra Baobab was founded by saxophone player Baro N’Diaye.


Pape Djiby Ba started with Ibra Kasse and Star Band and later was part of the break away band Orchestre Number One and N’Gewel International de Dakar

~~Signing off with Yaw Rekk la from Khamdel Lo and le Super Ceddo

WAAW Yaw rekk la

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