Gotta start somewhere. Vlog*city#1

48 videos hold up in my VLOG tab on YouTUbe. VLOGs should go in my BLOgs. Music Art DanCe. Baby steps. Gotta start somewhere.

Pape et Cheikh of Senegal The latest WOW  I love it

Smart Nkansah’s Black Hustlers of Ghana

PPS of Senegal


How about some DANCE moves?

First from LIBERIA to KRUMP


SABAR STYLE (my style) dance from SENEGAL West Africa. African Ndiguel Group rehearsing. Big props to this group HUge Talent hard working & rockin it!

Azonto !!!

Now let’s head to Los Angeles Flying Lotus A DANCE about death


I never stray long from the DRUMS. This might give you chills ::::: Doudou Ndiaye Rose


and since we’re back here, all TRADITIONAL, let me end this session with Troubadours of YoFF


until next time * peace


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