MALI sings can’t stop it, won’t stop it. Mali Kingdom reigns

I was asking one of my favorite Ngewels from Senegal West Africa what he thought about Radical Islamic groups in Mali trying to stop musicians from singing and playing music; attempting to instate Sharia Law there.

I’m not sure what sort of answer I was expecting, perhaps one politically charged. His response surprised me in a good way.  Simply and matter-of-factly he said:

“They can’t stop music. They can’t stop a musician from playing his music or a singer from singing.”

Watching this video today I was reminded of his words and realized more than ever he’s right. Music is everything. It is our spirits manifesting themselves. It’s the spirit that never dies. *The griot (ngewel) thinks with a clear mind.

griots of Mali sing for Mali

*Ngewel (wolof word)=musician & oral historian of culture, ritual, spectacle.


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