Need to clear my mind ~ turn on the music (free downloads)

Like many of us I turn to music when I’m stressed or irritated AKA need to clear my mind! It makes me forget; brings me back to the moment.

In these times I go in search of new music, old music anything that frees the mind and makes me smile.  I have a few favorite spots that always hook me up.

Today I’m going to share what I’m listening to which includes some free downloads, so relax enjoy and beef up the collection.

Here’s a track by phenom guitarist from Mali Vieux Farka TouréAigna feat Derek Trucks ‘SECRET’  (free download)

The son of renowned Griot Djelimady Sissoko Ballake Sissoko Badjourou from ‘AT PEACE’  (free download)

From Mali again Amadou & Mariam Wily Kataso feat. Tunde & Kyp of TV on the Radio

For the new age bliss out i listened to the whole Srikalogy Remix. my fav was Midnight Dance

It must have worked because I’m starting to calm down and I cant resist pushing play on something tagged Sacred Hip Hop

and last but not least DUB cuz dub always puts my mind in a happy groove. is on my bookmarks Horns of Babylon


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