Senegal West Africa in the house or Keurgi la Maison

It was a fun weekend in LA dancing and drumming.

First there was the Gambian Independence Gala.

The Senegalese drummers from LA, Oakland & Boston gave us all an amazing set.

Here’s a clip of Aziz Faye bou Sing Sing


The next day was the Jamalaye Ubuntu Festival which was a great event; Dance classes, crafts, spoken word, food.

To start off the day was the Sabar class marking Aziz Faye’s 15 years teaching Sabar Dance in LA.

Here’s what went down after his class Post Aziz Faye class 15yrs in LA

This next video is Aziz Faye & Magatte Sow soloing after Coura Ndiaye‘s sabar class that was part of the Festival.

The amazing Aziz Faye & Max ni le

I give thanks for the LA dance community and all of the Africans who share their knowledge, music and dance with us. BIG LOVE!


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