Get On the Bus #diasporamusic ::IBE:: Sidi Toure/Cedric Watson

Well I was surprised last night in Los Angeles when Sidi Toure took the stage. I love surprises. I had no idea he was who was playin. Mali LEGEND Sidi Toure first with an amazing young ngoni player and then stepping back on stage in a collaboration with Grammy nominated Creole artist Cedric Watson;  becoming IBE  International Blues Express. Like Cedric said ‘get on the bus!’ Seriously i’d follow them anywhere. I’m on the bus.

#diasporamusic  ::  washboard, accordion, fiddle, ngoni & Mali blues guitar. whoa FolkLore International

“The melodic, percussive music of Mali’s ancient desert kingdoms form a natural affinity with the southern U.S. Delta Blues tradition that grew in part from its older cousin, and creates an extraordinary connection with the multi-stranded, driving Zydeco music of the Bayou.”~ will stewart

::mX:: ©Lynette Wich

2013-10-11 09.58.15 am

Grand Park turns One


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