Alunguntugui – Don’t be shy!

The analogy of this fruit is too good.

African Views and Echoes

A funny and fresh azonto video by Ghanean Keche. The song bases on a fruit I didn’t know. The following comment by a Youtuber explains it best:

To those who dont understand the song: aluguntugui is a fruit found in Ghana that looks the same whether it is riped or unriped so you can never tell when it’s ready to be eaten, so we usually decide to wait and in the end it gets rotten on the tree… They are tryin to relate the fruit to the fact that a guy or girl might see someone they like but would decide to wait before asking the person out because they think they are not ready and in the end it would be too late and end up losing the guy or girl to someone else …

This is of course also true for job applications and any other challenge.

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