Europe/Africa 1981 The Agony & the Ecstasy ::mX::

In 1981-82 I spent 6 months in a van traveling around europe . Back then that six months cost me 1500.00 and that might have included air fare. I came back with wooden shoes and $9. A trip to Egypt and a sail around Greece were the only times we left the VAN! (exclamation point), as we called it, behind.

So many unbelievable stories :

BEHOLD The AGONY and the ECSTASY of WORLD travel


the artist me, Santorini

golden pyramid

                                              Imagine my surprise when this GIZA photo was developed. Pyramids WERE Gold back in the day.

89750045     Michael Angelo’s Sistine Chapel


89750048Right before things went all to hell on Paros

Nile GardenA Nile Garden. Thebes & the Valley of the Kings in the distance

Matala BayThe Island of Crete Matala Bay. 60’s living. 

In ThebesThe streets  of Thebes Egypt

89750049Sketching in Santorini   

Basket hats                                                                                                                                                 Egyptian women shopping in Thebes

89750031the Eiger Sanction. Wengen, Switzerland

Cairo CasbahAl-Azhar Mosque Cairo’s Casbah

89750026 the VAN! that took us there and everywhere

89750030saying good bye to Austria

89750037and hello to Rome 

Saqquarah sandstorm

Wind storm Saqqara EGYPT.

Caught in a Saharan sand storm with cool wild dogs and camels. We waited it out in a huge red tent and drank coke out of bottles that had been recycled since the 1940’s


sunset nileThe Nile

89750057and….You know where

Valley of the Kings


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