Storytelling through murals – Senegal!

Amazing mural art from Senegal West Africa

African Popular Cultures

There is something fascinating in murals and urban street art in general. I think it is the unusual mix of colours and graphics or just a story that is told behind the mural that simply catches my eye every time ūüôā Whether it is a piece of art, form of visual narration or just funny painting, it gives me the impression that creativity is what we sometimes need around us.

SUFI WALL ART ‚Äď photos¬†taken in Saint Louis and Dakar, Senegal¬†(great¬†photos by tj.haslam!)

Pictures present some Islamic figures, Ahmadou Bamba ‚ÄstSufi Muslim spiritual leader and Touba¬†mosque, spiritual center of the Mouride Brotherhood.






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more from Dakar, Senegal


Diablos ‚ÄstSenegalese graffiti artist from a¬†crew called Radical Bomb Squad, they paint murals on public walls in Dakar. The activity is legal in Senegal.¬†via¬†


 sen Miss-Me-Street-Art_Senegalsen2via

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