Abandoned ::mX:: #EchoPark <3 & hate in #LA #photography


::mX:: ©Lynette Wich fotoartfar::mX::: 

As a nature girl and photographer I have discovered so much inspiration in the Echo Park neighborhood of Los Angeles. Tucked into steep hills immediately adjacent to downtown LA this midcentury hood feels worlds away from the massive, busy, mind body soul bending sprawl that is LA. It’s easy to hate LA for all it’s soul sucking but then it doesn’t take much to ‘find yourself’ >>in nature. A walk through the hilly streets of Echo Park & Elysian, a 10 minute drive up Coldwater canyon or Griffith Park  and you are really out there. To the west the sea, Venice, Palasades Park, Topanga. Will Rogers (off Sunset Blvd in the Palisades) puts you in the Santa Monica mountains along the sea. Hike to the bridge or keep going as far as Santa Barbara if you like. ahh LA i hate you, I love you



2 thoughts on “Abandoned ::mX:: #EchoPark <3 & hate in #LA #photography

  1. Po (@minutebol) says:

    it is a great area indeed. WE moved progressively west from Alhambra to Echo Park to Culver City, and among all those areas, Echo Park is the one with the soul. Between the racial diversity, the commercial diversity, the food diversity and the artistic bent, a great place.


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