Priceless ‘Welcome to Venice We Love you’ #Art stolen from #Venice boardwalk #IAMLOVE

Time for change >>

on 9/12/14 :: Abraham> I M love and Rachel> Divine Love have #iconic ‘Welcome to Venice We LOVE you’ art piece stolen from Venice boardwalk and trashed by the city of Los Angeles in a routine ‘public safety’ sweep at @Dudley Av.


The iconic art piece WELCOME TO VENICE WE LOVE YOU was removed and trashed by the city of Los Angeles in a routine public safety sweep on 9/12/2014. “People from all over the world have come to Venice and had their photo taken beside the welcome piece” explains Rachel DEVINE LOVE. She and IM LOVE ask that PEOPLE SHARE THEIR PHOTOS TAKEN WITH THE PIECE with us and on SOCIAL MEDIA. #welcometovenice

Abraham ImLOVE and Rachel Devine LOVE are working to Raise a vibration through art & music   

I ask the question :: Since when is aRt a public safety risk? How antiquated are the city ordnances of VENICE California (an internationally known ARTIST community) to repeatedly arrest and detain fine artists & musicians for sharing the arts?  Hopefully the City of LA (Venice) can become sophisticated enough to rewrite laws so that it protects it’s artists and their intellectual property, and maintain the city’s mandate towards public safety. The city of Los Angeles in an effort to eradicate the blight of the homeless in the area is squashing what they should be celebrating about it’s CULTURE.

It’s time to change and people like Rachel >>Devine Love are working to do that. Any support and involvement welcome! Get involved! Don’t forget to share your photos and spread the word!

Here are a few beautiful pieces of I M LOVE  & DEVINE LOVE’s work painted on #hemp. Catch their music Saturdays and Sundays @ Dudley Av on the boardwalk. It’s cool and funky.

imlove 5

Art in Venice
@dudley av

Raise a vibration through art music

Rachel is Devine love and shellygomez
Imlove is Abraham

The ‘Welcome to Venice we love You’ piece will appear in an upcoming film Ride starring Helen Hunt.


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