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In the Yard

a journal entry from travels around Dakar Senegal :

The blood is pouring into a bucket, and then gushes in a final surge. I step aside because I think it is coming past the bucket and onto my feet, but it doesn’t. I’m staring at the blood, transfixed in some kind of surreal reality. I’m feeling detached yet present. I become acutely aware of how very quiet it is. The knife with strong cuts had cleaved open the sheep’s throat, sacrificing it. It goes quietly and lies quietly still……

The Ngeuwel tells me to roll up the window. We turn off the main road onto a smaller one that runs along the yard. Everything becomes hectic immediately. I understand now why he has told me to roll up the window. Beggars run along side the taxi desperate, hanging on, heads through his window. We turn right into…

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