Scandinavian Interiors

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Magic Dream Life

My first trip to Europe since 2003 was planned based on a cheap flight. I saw one for $750 to Copenhagen from Portland, OR, and jumped on it.

Scandinavian Interiors photographed by Emily Katz

My friend Natasha lives here, in Copenhagen, and here is where I am currently sitting, with a glass of white wine, at a rustic wooden table, in a candle lit bar, surrounded by the chatter of many languages and jazz on the stereo.

In order to justify this trip, as a small business owner, I am teaching macrame workshops. I am so happy that my work allows me to travel around the globe. It is something I always dreamed of, my wily Sagittarius ways finally nearing satisfaction (this will never actually happen, as my list of places I dream of visiting grows ever longer!)… And a beautiful and drool worthy side effect of traveling to visit stylish friends across the globe, is getting…

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