Camel #illustration early #design #sketch


Marker on paper. Early design #sketch for character in upcoming, coming of age, short story/epic saga ‘Wamel’ written by Lynette Wich and Garret Griffith.


‘As Wamel waited on the dunes for Kira to sneak out of camp, and as he searched the sky for stars, it came upon him that he was still lost and without his tribe and this was heavy on his heart for he felt lonely and tired.  What a great responsibility had befallen him not only to find his family, but to perhaps save a Kingdom. And as it became almost too much to bear Kira arrived on the dune, her face shinning with a bright smile that made Wamel forget his troubles.’

Illustration ©Lynette Wich

Excerpt ©Lynette Wich and Garret Griffith



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