Hollywood Hill dogs

My friend is a professional dog care provider pupparazzi pet care. My #rescue Chihuahua Pansy and I tag along with her and her pack whenever we can. We like the Hollywood Hills because there are a lot of good hikes for ALL of us.

It’s the weekend in LA so first Breakfast @ Figaro in Los Feliz. We can sit outside with the dogs!  I had crepes & she had Oeufs while we sat next to actors we couldn’t really place. It doesn’t matter, they all blend in here.


After a lovely cafe experience we head to Bronson Canyon, part of Griffith Park. It’s where the original Bat Cave is, from the original Batman TV show. It’s my first time. The cave is pretty darn big and on the other side is a labyrinth. I decided to add to it. From there we walked up further to this water catchment drain. Water? What water.

This hike doesn’t have the immediate satisfaction of views (as other Griffith Park Hikes) unless you hike the full loop up top I’m guessing. This is more of a wooded hike with lots of shade.

Angelenos are very lucky to have so many trails right in the city.


all photos :: ©Lynette Wich fotoartfar::mX::

Check the LINK HERE for more information on Bronson Canyon and photos of the BAT CAVE.






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