Cowboy Hats and Weddings. A #texas homecoming

I’m a Texan. I didn’t grow up here but I was born here. When I return for weddings and such, this place really resonates with me. I cry when I see my cousins. I cry at the wedding.

As soon as I arrive I pull my boots on and after a few beers at Roosters in Decatur (where my cousins have a farm) we head over to BIGGARS hats.

IMG_7631IMG_7634 copy~Roosters~

IMG_7630~steaming my hat @Biggars~


IMG_7621 copy

~hat molds at Biggars~

Biggars hat shop in Decatur town square makes custom hats the old fashion way. Their felt hat mold is from the 1800’s and they make about one a hat a day.

After lunch we head to the farm where we ride the ranger, enjoy the brides luncheon,  jump hay bales and relax in the tree house.

FullSizeRender 2~cruising the farm in the ranger~



~tree house~


~My niece wearing the belt my mom wore as a girl~


IMG_7728 IMG_7733

IMG_7675.JPG~the brides luncheon~

IMG_7700.JPG~my nephew outside NRS~Decatur

FullSizeRender 4

~the coat rack at the church~

My last day before flying out we head down to Fort Worth and the Stockyards.

IMG_7809IMG_7811 IMG_7813~warming up for Barrel Racing~ 

FullSizeRender~selfie In Biggars~

I’ll miss you Texas but mostly i’ll miss my people ~all my cousins.


all Photos  ©Lynette Wich fotoartfar::mX::






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