#Dogs at work #photography Baking on the rocks::squinting into the sun #chihuahua


photo::mX:: ©Lynette Wich

Dogs at work :: I have been fortunate enough on my latest job to be able to bring my rescue (who rescued me) to work everyday. She keeps us sane, she keeps us happy. She lowers our blood pressure and our stress levels. She gets daily visits, where grown adults lie on the floor, so they can just scratch her back.

She craves a bake in the sun each day and as a descendant of desert foxes jumps onto rocks to do so.

She guards us by going into full attack mode when strangers LEAVE the office.  She looks like she is sleeping but is actually on high alert for voices she does not recognize.

It’s exhausting; all of this guarding and zen relief. Each day when she gets home, she eats and goes straight to bed.

Thank you Pansy Pansy you’re so fancee


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