Le Shopping..

There is still beauty in the world…..

Maison Bentley Style


Shopping in Brighton is a smorgasbord of instant gratification.

IMG_3114With Delicacies round every corner.

IMG_3112IMG_3115IMG_3092IMG_3117I found my Vintage 501’s at Dirty Harrys on Sydney Road..great selection, impeccable service..and all 3 pairs (!) (one shorter to roll, one in dark navy *rather lush* and one long pair)..came to the grand sum of £35!

IMG_3147 So I added in a pair of battered cowboy boots..

IMG_3138 And a beautiful vintage silk kimono from Wolf and Gypsy (well worth a visit).

IMG_3119IMG_3125IMG_3118much cake and tea was had in celebration.

IMG_3124After which The Husband wanted to buy me this.

IMG_3126I wanted to buy him this…

IMG_0348 My favourite place for lunch or High Tea..not posh, just warm, genuine and eccentric.

IMG_3097 With doughnuts the size of cannonballs. Who could resist?

IMG_0350 And these catseye sunnies somehow just purred their way into my possession..

IMG_0358IMG_0361Just the perfect place, with the perfect company to gently put the world to rights.


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