COatS & 🌈 RainBoWs #reyKjaVik

Jet lag had me like … an insomniac last night. All I could think about while I laid awake in my KEX dorm room was their yummy AF breakfast that started in 4 hours 😂😂. Fricking starving. There is nothing worse than a hostel dorm when your body clock wants to jump around and eat food and you have to be quiet. No shuffling through your pack or raiding a kitchen. Note to traveler self: when traveling 8 hours out of your time zone and your flight leaves @11am DO NOT sleep the night before. Be exhausted so you can sleep 😴 en route.

The hours finally passed during which I booked a Kexland Golden Circle tour and new accommodations for later in the week. (Don’t wait too last minute to book stuff here…..Iceland is having a moment). Found out via a 4amText:Travel partners are delayed a day 🙄……BUT Yay! It was finally breakfast time. Heaven. Made a to do list. Shop for a warm coat, buy snacks.

IG recap

Some photos of today’s walk about

The anorak with faux fur trimmed hood was the best idea ever. 

Braud &co bakery

I’m holed up tonight in my cozy attic working on my cheeks, listening to A bunch of Icelandic playlists and the RAIN on the skylight windows, happily napping, eating snacks, 👀 at maps and unpacking my pack. 

This was nice 

Day 2 Reykjavik

Coming up:: Laugarvatn, Snæfellsness, geysers, jökulls, thermals, lava, beer, art, and big wish>>super jeep to the north.


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