BlAck sAnd :: soaking by the lake @laugarvatnfontana

I like myself some nature and I love places that fold into the surroundings through design. I feel at ease in these sorts of places because we can’t do it any better than mother 🌏 earth herself. I felt this way today at Laugarvatn Fontana, a geothermal soaking spot, along the Golden Circle in Iceland 🇮🇸

I didn’t take photos while soaking (Im kicking myself now for that) but I was ‘in the moment’ … and didn’t want to drop my phone in the waters. Visit the website to see fotos of the The Finnish sauna that has a window wall view to the lake. Prospect. Stunning. There are steam rooms as well and inside you can hear the lake bubbling up underneath, feeding the rooms with steam. For me this is total heaven. These rooms are for refuge. The walls are stone which looked like slabs of oxidized slate or shale. Not sure I flunked geology; my sister would know but she’s not here 😞. The benches are wood and holes are bored into the ceiling that reminisce stars.

After soaking I tried to plunge into the lake but wow I’m not Norsk enough man. It was freeeeeeezing. Up to my knees!….is that cool?

Lady of the lake or celestial being?

From the grass topped roof of the restaurant. Which by the way made me realize and exclaim later in the car, after eating here in Iceland for a few days,  that what we get back home is total crap. This food here is ‘alive’.

Driving out from Reykavik (1 hour) we had sun and beautiful cloud formations. There were horse farms and bright white snow covered mountains. I spied a single ski lift and I tried my best to pronounce the road signs aloud. On the way back we hit a snow storm. Everyday here is every season. Be prepared 😉

I leave you, on this day 3, with some of the coming and going photos.



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