HiGh wInds :: so your day is canceled #travel 

Huge storm, big winds, 40-50 mph around Iceland Wednesday crushed my plans for the Golden Circle. Crushed my travelers soul. But hey I got some great advice from friends and got busy booking the crap out of the rest of my stay in Iceland. Fingers crossed. And it’s going to be even better. 🗻🗻

Waiting out the storm :: a lunch across town with friends, a wind 💨 blown walk, an evening stroll and a yoga class at Reykjavik’s smallest yoga studio 101 Yoga 🙏🏼 got me Recharged and charged up. I was a booking fool. Did I say fingers crossed?

Hurricane gusts and rain::

Sea of Greenland Faxaflói

Obsessed with super jeeps


Moon before yoga

Chilling outside the corner store


Night life


All of this is next

Read about the amazing trip to Snæfellsness here.

Push play…:)

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