Impressions of #Reykjavik :: random photos by a wandering #traveler ::mX::

It all started with this :: the Northern lights from the flight to Iceland shot on my iPhone and tweeked in photoshop. Without Ps the photo was black with some kind of gray shadow. The process found these points of light. Pretty cool I thought. ☺️

Map at KEX Another world view 🌎

Around Reykjavik
Room numbers @KEX hostel.

Candle light breakfast


View from KEX Hostel. The nicest Hostel I have ever been to. Local hang out bar in the Lobby. Delicious food.


South side of town

Definitely go to Braud & Co for bread omg ⬇️
Crazy fashion:: just sayin

The burger at Chuck Norris Grill was yummy 😋. There’s also the Lebowski bar in Reykjavik but what I really want is a Flea bar.

One of my favorite street art pieces.

Local goods. Besides shark oil and delicious cheeses check out the moss tea and the vast array of salts. I picked black Icelandic salt.

Trying to read.

Stofan Café in the downtown area is definitely a cozy pit stop.

Mossy wall and Emily


Makes total sense.

Same hat different day 🎩

The original key and locks in this 100 year old + home. I totally recommend this airbnb for those into a chill vibe and great location.

Icelandic donut and chai latte @ Stofan cafe

I love window shopping at night.

Woven art of horse hair. I see a dream catcher 😍

Walking through near by streets in the peaceful evening. Oh Reykjavik I will miss you.


I’m heading north today. 🙏🏼👍🏼 Kirkjufell and such so check back for the insomniac blog about the adventure. Be well!

edit: I went! It was amazing Kirkjufell



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