You know when you binge a show and then it’s over?

We call it a ‘Show Hole’.¬†

It doesn’t sound as good but I’m in a ‘Travel Hole’. ¬†Iceland was too awesome. I have to go back ASAP. I’m already taking travel notes! Stand by: this is my things I love about Iceland post.

It was the first trip to a new place that I’ve¬†taken in years and years (Senegal, West Africa has been my go to in the last 7 years) and before that, before the smart phone, I cruised the globe a bit. But now WOW I’ve been kissed. AGAIN! Kissed¬†by the travel bug. It’s like I was asleep.¬†Awakened out of my slumber. I’m a¬†Sagittarius¬†so it’s the real me. But you know, work, life ……

Here’s a little list of the things I LOVE about Iceland and therefore also¬†miss.


I cannot wait to return. In summer and winter, ring road, fjord country the highlands.¬†Can’t wait.

I’d like to recommend Lagafell Guesthouse in Grindavik. A great base¬†to jump off to the Blue Lagoon and the incredible Reykjanes Peninsula. There are some great places to eat in this tiny fishing village as well. Margret @ the guest house will fill you in!

In Reykjavik try to get a stay at this restored 100 year old house in the downtown area. Convenient to everything.

To check out my musings on travel in Senegal, West Africa click these links!

Finding yourself in the middle of nowhere


Out of my comfort zone

See you soon! and thanks for stopping by.



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