To all the creatives out there an excerpt from ::Women Who Run With The Wolves:: #books

Clarissa Pinkola Estés, Ph.D writes in Chapter 10 of her book ‘Women Who Run with the Wolves’ this beautiful reminder to our creative feminine selves:

“Some of my old women friends in South Texas say El Rio Grande could never be a man river, but is a woman river. They laugh and say, How can a river be anything but the La Dulce Acequia, the sweet slot, between the thighs of the earth? In Northern Mexico, the river in storm, in wind, in flash flood, is spoken of as the one who is aroused, the one who in her heat rushes to touch everything she can to make it grow.”

She makes the beautiful point too that when the woman’s creative goes underground, to seemingly disappear, it is still at work. She warns this too:

“…a woman’s creative life is taken over by something that wants to manufacture things of and for the ego only, things that have no lasting soul-worth.” 

I find this so important to know and realize now in todays digital world for to manufacture things poisons the river.

Keep this book near you. Stay wild and free!


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