Becoming a #butterfly 🦋 Mourning cloak

So many of these spikey guys seen in the garden today and I’m wondering what butterfly they will become. 🤔 

So, back at the garden I see these caterpillars everywhere and I think oh they are monarchs (because they have been flying around too) and when I look up their prepuppa stage I see that these are not them so I just start googling caterpillars. I’m not making any matches. 

Then I remember that last week I had a butterfly following me. It kept landing on my hat and a few days later in my hair. 

I get the great idea 💡 to google California butterflys cuz duh, I’m in California, and I remember she was black with yellow edge and YAY THIS caterpillar is a match! 

Nymphalis antiopa antiopa~Mourning cloak

Photos::©lynette Wich butterfly girl

Foto::©lynette Wich


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