NoRth :: Snæfellsness, Kirkjufell and intuition ….

I want to go there, I need to go there. That place was Snæfellsness::

The mountains you see from Reykjavik lead you there and along the two lane road you are flanked by the sea and mountains. An amazing number of waterfalls fall off the mountains as they drop suddenly to a thinish soggy plane to the sea. 

Leaving Reykjavik .


Lava columns formed when it cools quickly. These also exist on the South Coast .

Moss covered lava on the way. Early settlers used this moss for beds. It is forbidden now because this moss takes 100 years to grow. 


At the tip of the peninsula is Snæfellsjökull a glacier topped Volcano 🌋. It is the only Volcano in Iceland that does not run along the continental rift which runs diagonally from the Souhwest to the Northeast through the country. It sits alone, to the West north of Reykjavik. We will drive around it. It has been called the Center of the Earth by Jules Vern and for any Xfiles fans you may know it. There was a huge gathering some years ago waiting for aliens 👽. They didn’t show. The elves probably.

Kirkjufell had me at hello, she was the one who had brought me here. 💕

It’s a 360 experience 

Fun with camera effects

But it was the cliffs along the way….

Beautiful country


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