#Africa, the place I long for every day, and Sabar, the reason I began blogging in the first place.  Sabar is an amazing drum played with one hand and a stick (galeen).  It’s also a dance, and a rhythm out of Senegal West Africa drummed by Ngeweul Wolof drummers and danced by women (and men) traditionally at street parties and ceremonies.

The rhythm is intoxicating and complex, and the dance is the same….Intoxicating in it’s blend of sex and comedy and healing. Complex in its traditional style and rhythm, yet free in its “freestyle”  …. the age old rhythm’s eternal begging for a new bakk, a new layer upon layer. The begging for a dancers movement, to hit it, to slip inside of it, hold it there and then end it; to write a piece in those moments. To make people smile, laugh, to stand up and scream or maybe just to enter the groove for ones own sake until you are healed.

I shot this particular video in Medina, a Ngewuel neighborhood in ~ DAKAR, Senegal at an evening Sabar street party. You can attend one of these just about every night of the week. For more videos visit my channel @

The Beugge Sabar collection on Tumblr

This hyperlink will take you to the compilation list of my favorite SABAR videos of all time. FIRE!!

Besides these street parties the music scene in Dakar, Senegal is amazing and has been for many years. Mbalax was born here; a modern spin on deeply traditional music passed down through ages from all across the Mali kingdom. Sabar drums and tamas, guitars, ngonis, koras, fulani flutes and great voices. To me it is real music deep in talent. For a taste of Mbalax click here:  Mbalax

Sabar is a dance and drum a rhythm.