While in Landscape Architecture school we were required to keep journals. Every Professor required them so I’d have more than one going at a time. These journals were to be about our observations in the world; using words, sketches, photography and collage; whatever we liked.

Their focus was mostly about how our surroundings and how space affected us. This practice of observation honed our skills as designers of space. It taught us to be aware of how our surroundings makes us “feel” so that within our design we could create a ‘feeling’ for someone else.

It was during this practice, of keeping journals over a three year period, that I discovered how much I love to write about my personal profound (self) experiences. So much so, that I continue to write from time to time about mind and eye opening experiences. Sometimes I Write is a depot about these events, these observations, not only about the world but myself. Below are a few links contained in this site. Feel free to explore for more.

 Iceland :: Black sand Thermal baths are good

Iceland :: Snæfellsness Peninsula I went North, they went South

Iceland :: Tectonic Plates I’m so behind Geology is gorgeous

Senegal,  West Africa :: Ceremony How the drum cleanses

Senegal, West Africa :: Pilgrimage I’m not as lost as I thought

Surf, Hawaii :: the first wave And, you are just standing there

The Yard ::mX:: a travel writers >> sacrifice in West Africa

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